Omaha Award Application Guidelines

The Foundation only accepts requests for funding through our online application system. Grant applications will be considered for general operations or program support that directly provides assistance through basic needs supports. Organizations are encouraged to contact foundation staff with questions prior to submission.

  • Food – meals, food and food production support
  • Clothing/Personal Care items
  • Shelter – emergency shelter, temporary or permanent supportive housing, critical repairs/updates to existing owner-occupied properties
  • Health – access and charitable care for low to moderate income households

Grant Amount

The maximum grant that will be considered is $50,000.


Applications are accepted from January 1st through October 1st of each year and reviewed on an ongoing basis. It is recommended that organizations submit early in the year. Funding is limited and requests will be considered in the order they are received. Site visits or meetings may be required. 

General Considerations

Nonprofits may submit only one request to the Omaha Award annually. The same request will not be considered by the following foundations within the same calendar year:

  • Suzanne & Walter Scott Foundation
  • Amy L. Scott Family Foundation
  • Dixon Family Foundation
  • Parker Family Foundation
  • Lori & David Scott Foundation
  • Singer Foundation

Omaha Award grants will not disqualify organizations from receiving additional support from family foundations. Nonprofits are welcome to seek funding from the above foundations for other program, capital or capacity building needs throughout the year.


  • Support to individuals
  • Fundraising events or endowment funds
  • Programs that are fundamental responsibilities of government
  • Social or fraternal organizations
  • Elementary or secondary schools
  • Churches or religious organizations (not to exclude social services organizations with a faith based heritage)
  • Sponsorship of athletic teams
  • Organizations whose core mission is advocacy
  • Organizations heavily engaged in lobbying
  • Organizations whose mission and activities are contrary to the free enterprise system that made this Foundation possible


Please click here to find the application instructions and link to the Omaha Award grant application.

Contact Information

For more information please contact Sarah Lopez at (402) 502-0220 or