Guidelines and Procedures

Grants are only made to organizations that are tax-exempt under 501(c)(3) and must be in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service or be a government entity described in section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Priority Funding Areas of the Suzanne & Walter Scott Foundation

  • Higher Education
    Preparing the next generation for productive careers with preference to engineering, construction management, IT and medical education
  • Youth Development
    Helping young people develop into productive adults with preference to recreation, mentoring, education and character-building
  • Civic Improvement
    Making Omaha a vibrant and livable city with preference to parks/zoo, museums, entertainment and sporting venues
  • Cultural Opportunities
    Ensuring that Omaha offers enrichment opportunities with preference to artistic exhibits, arts education for youth and prestigious sporting events

Areas Not Generally Considered by the Suzanne & Walter Scott Foundation

  • Support to individuals
  • Fundraising events, annual sustaining campaigns or endowment funds
  • Programs that are fundamental responsibilities of government
  • Social or fraternal organizations
  • Elementary or secondary schools
  • Churches or religious organizations (not to exclude social services organizations with a faith based heritage)
  • Sponsorship of athletic teams
  • Organizations whose core mission is advocacy
  • Organizations heavily engaged in lobbying
  • Organizations whose mission and activities are contrary to the free enterprise system that made this Foundation possible

Grant Application Procedures

Grant applications are accepted by invitation only. Please contact a Program Officer for additional information.  Applicants are requested to review the above grant guidelines to determine that your organization and need is eligible for consideration of a grant.  


The Suzanne & Walter Scott Foundation does not have designated deadlines for applications. It is recommended that grant applications (especially for large capital projects) be submitted 12 months in advance of when the funds are needed.